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Welcome note

Welcome all surgeons to the ECTES European Congress 2023 in Ljubljana

Dear fellow trauma and emergency surgeons, ESTES members and guests from all continents,  

After two nightmarish years of the pandemic, this year we were able to renew our live congress contacts in Oslo, and we are infinitely happier. ECTES 2022 showed us the importance of the direct exchange of expert opinions, experiences, live controversial discourses on the implementation of new treatments and new ways of organising our work.

In 2006, trauma surgeons met at the European Congress in Ljubljana and decided to join with emergency surgeons to form a new complex professional organisation, ESTES, which would provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience of surgeons from different European countries with different ways of organising their professional work, different ways of organising the surgical emergency room, different healthcare systems with different levels of sophistication, and different ways of paying for services.  

All different, yet united in ESTES as a whole. 

ESTES management and surgeons from the host country are planning an attractive and exciting congress with presentations of new developments in the professional fields, new methods based on increasingly less invasive approaches, IT support, the growing use of Artificial Intelligence, endovascular approaches and application of new implants and new materials in everyday surgical emergency and trauma practice. 

Furthermore ESTES is striving to develop a Gender Equity strategy that will certainly have a positive impact on the outcome of our critical patients. 

There is no doubt ESTES is the ideal European Network in the surgical community dedicated to the care in trauma and emergency general surgery and the annual congress will be the perfect moment to improve our skills, pathways, leadership, decision making and team communication. 

Slovenia is located at the southern end of Central Europe, at the crossroads of Slavic, Germanic and Romanic traditions. With its favourable climate, the country between the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Alps, the Pannonian Plain and the Dinaric Mountains has an excellent cuisine and oenology, and is renowned for its hospitable population offering all congress participants, in addition to the surgical challenges, extraordinary tourism challenges. 

See you in Ljubljana on 7 May 2023! 

Portrait Matey Cimerman
Matej Cimerman
Slovenian Society of Trauma Surgeons
Portrait Radko Komadina
Radko Komadina
Slovenian Association of Surgeons
Portrait Hayato Kurihara
Hayato Kurihara
ESTES President 2022-2023